All of our products have a standard 30-day warranty. This warranty covers all technical and mechanical issues. It does not cover theft or intentional damage. You may add on warranty at checkout. The price of an extra warranty depends on the product you buy. If your product breaks or doesn't work, you can request a warranty activation and we will send you a new product. You must provide us with pictures. You may upload them in the contact us section. With an active warranty, you cannot get a refund, instead, we will send you a new version of the same product if yours doesn't work. With warranty +, which is available at the checkout, you can trade in your broken item for store credit if you would like. Store credit can be used to buy anything for a discount or even 100% off the price. If you have any more questions about the warranty, you can chat with us at the bottom right corner or submit a form via the contact section.