Return Policy

About 99% of the time, we will accept your return, but you have to follow these simple steps. 1. You need to keep your product in the original packaging. The packaging may be opened but it cannot be damaged in any way. 2. The product itself must be in original condition. If it came to you defective, you may either return the item or get a free replacement only within 5 days of when it shipped to you. 3. We do not accept returns from outside the continental US states. If you live outside the states and need a refund, you can open a case and get a 100% refund for your product. 4. Sufficient evidence must be shown to prove that the product is defective or not working if it is. With general returns, you can only return the item within 15 days of it being delivered to you. After that, the warranty will still be active and you may only activate your warranty if there is an issue with the product, not if you don't like it.