About Us

   Hello and welcome to Armadillo Electronics. We are a non-third party platform. Therefore, we specialize in giving you the product you want for a cheaper price. All Armadillo products come straight from the factory to your house. This allows for quicker shipping times and more reliable products. All of our products are hand-made by a team of professionals to make sure that you are getting the best product we can provide. We are available from 9 AM-8 PM PST for any questions over online chat. If we are not available, you may submit a form in the contact section. We will respond within 24 business hours. We love to introduce new products our team has come up with every week, so make sure you are always tuning in to our website. Every product we launch is 50% off for the first week! We make products that our customers like, so if you want us to create a product you like, contact us and we will try our best! Thank you for tuning in and I hope you have an amazing time shopping with Armadillo.